Add a Headphone Port to your Sony a6300

Frustrated with the lack of a headphone port on my a6300, I found a solution and made a quick tutorial. Links below. Enjoy! 😀


  • An even better HDMI adapter that doesn’t need the adapter cable (unlike the one I used in the video):
  • New version of my old FiiO headphone amp (they don’t sell the e5 anymore)
  • Sony a6300/a6500 body only (also included a link to the a6500 which wasn’t out at the time of posting):
  • Sony a6300 with kit lens (I highly recomend the kit. Get’s you a great deal on Sony’s portable 16-50mm zoom lens):
  • The Sony 35mm F1.8 which has a crazy fast autofocus:
  • My awesome Sennheiser 598se Headphones. These things sound fantastic.

After creating this video, I noticed you weren’t able to record 4k without making the screen go black with this setup which was a major bummer, but one of my YouTube viewers found a solution! Check it out:

Sweet, right?! Thanks, One Steck!


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